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Online Education / Educational Technologies

As an early adopter in online education and anytime/anywhere educational modalities, Daniel obtained a doctorate (Ed.D.) in Educational Technologies at Pepperdine University. In this capacity, he has served to provide online course development, online curriculum, and professional development training, seminars, and workshops. His university teaching experiences includes hybrid and online courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Daniel is experienced in the use and application of Web 2.0 tools, lecture capture technologies, assistive technologies, ADA compliance, learning management systems, MOOC development, online course development, evaluation, pedagogy, and assessment, Dreamweaver, macromedia, Camtasia, ECHO 360, Tegrity, Adobe Creative Suite, Captivate, and numerous others.

His doctoral education included educational international collaborations at Oxford University and Cambridge University and nationally with Harvard University and MIT.

Daniel has served as a certified online course Master Reviewer for Quality Matters, Inc. and  is a member of the Instructional Technology Council's (ITC) 2011 Leadership Academy. He has designed dozens of online courses in political science, nursing, education, psychology, humanities, math, university life, literature, physical education, and the arts.

Instructional Technologist Achievements

Instructional Designer: Mountain View College:  Reporting to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Success, provided leadership to the Academic Deans and other campus support services to coordinate support for online faculty and students to increase student retention and success in online courses. Evaluated online course content for consistency with Quality Matters standards; insured best practices in the use of course/learning management systems; provided online faculty professional development training, online material development, instructional design methods, and appropriate use of instructional technologies. Provided general and technical advice to faculty during course development. Facilitated campus participation in faculty technology training workshops. Implemented policies and procedures that reflected the mission and goals of the college and the District. 

Developed and implemented the college’s first Academic Technologies Strategic Plan and Distance Education Teaching Certification and obtained approval by the administration and faculty. The Distance Education Teaching Certification was designed to provide faculty training in online pedagogy and Blackboard training.

Created the college’s first iDesign Faculty Lab to train, promote, and support the use of educational technologies.

Obtained a $50,000 DCCCD Technology grant to implement the incorporation of capture technologies.

Provided distance education professional development to over 130 faculty, adjuncts, and staff in the use of Blackboard, current and emerging capture technologies, Web 2.0 Tools, and online pedagogy.

Professional Development Conducted (Sample)

Online Course Design with Blackboard
Quality Matters Rubric
Designing Learning Objects
Social Media Integration in Online Courses
Exam Development on Blackboard
Student Engagement in Online Education
ADA - Law and Technology
Copyright Law and Intellectual Property
Online Course Assessment and Evaluation
Grant Writing for Technology
Incorporating Web 2.0 Tools
Principles of Game Design
Differentiated Instruction
Developing Blended Learning Courses
The Flipped Classroom
ADA Legal Considerations in Online Education
Best Practices in Online Education

College/University Teaching Experience

Adjunct Professor, Communications & Education   -   Mountain View College (Fall 2012, Online)

Learning Frameworks

Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Education    -  Southeastern University (Spring 2009)

School Law

Adjunct Professor, Graduate Program in Educational Technology  -  Caribbean University (Fall 2005, Fall 2006 via Online & Distance)

Fundamentals of Educational Technology

Design and Implementation of Educational Technology Projects

Research and Evaluation of Educational Technology Models

Design of Instructional Models Utilizing Information Systems

Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Education   -   Inter American University of PR (Fall 1998, Spring 1999)

Evaluation of Curriculum and Teaching (Doctoral course)

Evaluation of Administration and Supervision (Doctoral course)

Grant Writing for Information Systems and Technology (Masters level course)

Adjunct Professor, College of Arts & Sciences  -   University of Puerto Rico (Fall 1997)

Introduction to Social Sciences

Introduction to Political Science

Adjunct Professor, Department of History & Government   -   Mercy College (Fall 1992, Spring 1993)

United States History Since 1877

Political Power in the United States

Introduction to Latin American History

The College Experience (Multi-Disciplinary course)

Adjunct Professor, Department of Government   -   Dowling College (Spring, Fall 1992)

United States Government

International Relations

Government and Politics

Adjunct Professor, Department of Political Science   -   Brooklyn College (Fall 1992)

American Political Parties

Law and the Political Process


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