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Each day, mass media steers public attention towards crisis stemming from low Life Skills competencies - emotional and environmental literacy, personal care, resource management and safety. Too seldom, however, do we ask the simple question “Where do human beings learn the skills to avoid such crises?”

People around the globe routinely embrace proactive education by qualified professionals when learning academics, sports and music - at every age.  By contrast, however, the primary classroom for Life Skills education is parenting. The huge problem with this classroom is that few parents are ever formally educated in means to teach Life Skills. Additionally, very few individuals endeavor to further their education as adults until crisis strikes.

In 2009, Marlaine Cover founded LinkedIn’s top ranked, Parenting 2.0 group to support Life Skills professionals. its inception, Parenting 2.0 has grown to over 8900 members and hosts the world’s only professional conferences for Life Skills educators, P20 Talks. 

In 2014, Marlaine Cover founded the educational non-profit, The Global Presence, to expand services. Currently, The Global Presence has more than 300 ambassadors  in over 100 countries. In 2017, we held our Global Presence - Boston Ambassadors meeting at Quincy College and discussed how to collectively amplify Life Skills awareness. What a small group of people achieved for education in Boston by acknowledging the need for public schools in Boston in 1647, we can achieve in acknowledging the need for Life Skills education in the 21st century. The exceedingly good news, as we have learned in the process throughout the years, is that a plethora of excellent Life Skills resources and educators exist. All we require is a shift in public awareness that makes embracing them - before crisis strikes - sensible.

Global Life Skills Day, held annually on the third Thursday in October, is the day we invite people in Massachusetts and around the globe to celebrate Life Skills and shine a bright light on the benefits of embracing proactive education by qualified professionals.


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The Global Presence

Vice President of The global presence


Dr. Daniel Ibarrondo is Vice President of The Global Presence and a Boston Ambassador. The Global Presence is an international organization which focuses on three Life Skills essentials:

  1. Illuminating the role of Life Skills in individuals and the communities they construct thriving.

  2. Unifying and supporting Life Skills Educators.

  3. Promoting a more proactive Life Skills educational process for all persons.